BMANA is a nonprofit, nonpolitical, educational and charitable organization of medical professionals of Bangladeshi descent. BMANA was incorporated in Michigan in 1981. Since then 16 chapters of BMANA have been established in the United States.

In addition to educational, cultural and charitable events organized by the individual chapters, BMANA sponsors a national convention annually. Twenty-five national conventions have been held in a variety of cities in North America. The conventions feature a unique blend of educational, cultural, social and humanitarian activities.

BMANA currently produces one publication, BMANA Newsletter. It is published several times a year. Plans for a journal that will cover a broad range of association events and educational and cultural topics is in development. The newsletter, BMANA Newsletter, focuses on association news and members.

BMANA Disaster Fund, established in the mid 1990’s, is the main component of the charitable and humanitarian arm of the association. The association’s various committees may request grants from the fund to facilitate projects that are consistent with the association’s guidelines for educational and humanitarian medical projects.

The BMANA Alliance committee encourages charitable, educational and cultural enrichment and assists in enhancing local and national programs. Membership is open to the spouses of members of BMANA.


The Bangladesh Medical Association of North America (BMANA) is a nonprofit, nonpolitical, educational and humanitarian organization. Its members are medical professionals of Bangladeshi descent.

The objectives of BMANA encompass a wide range of professional, educational, charitable, humanitarian and cultural activities.

Professional and Educational

  • To enhance the medical knowledge of the members of BMANA, to contribute to the medical profession, and to support continuing medical education and research.
  • To promote professional relationships among members and organizations of the medical profession in North America and Bangladesh.
  • To create friendly relationships among health-field professionals who share a common background and who wish to perpetuate pride of heritage.

Charitable and Humanitarian

  • To support professional and educational activities aimed at health education and disease prevention in cooperation with community-based organizations and to support general humanitarian activities.
  • To provide and to help coordinate routine and emergency medical care in support of those in need in Bangladesh.
  • To provide assistance where possible and to serve as an educational resource for medical students and health field-related post-graduate trainees of Bangladeshi descent.
  • To sponsor speakers, grants, textbooks and other learning materials for medical schools in Bangladesh.

Cultural Enhancement for Members and their Families

  • To create activities and programs for BMANA’s youth which highlight their shared Bangladeshi heritage, and to foster community spirit.
  • To encourage and promote role models among the health care profession who can help inspire and guide the direction of BMANA’s youth.
  • To recognize Bangladeshi artistic efforts and endeavors.

Establishment of Affiliated Chapters

When requested, to aid in the establishment of chapters in various states. The chapters must subscribe to the highest ethical standards and principles advocated by BMANA and those in the medical profession.


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