Membership Criteria

The amendment passed on 38th Annual Convention of BMANA in New Orleans LA:


1. Defining Membership

A. Membership: unrestricted licensed practicing physicians and dentists
living in North America of Bangladeshi origin and descent can be full
members with right to vote and to hold office.
B. If not licensed, as defined above, whoever holding a PHD or MPH and
working in a medical or pharmaceutical field and or in a faculty at a
medical school in non clinical medical field in the USA or Canada can be
active members. They may not be life members and cannot hold office.
B1. Trainees at ACGME approved programs can be associate
Members. If they pay full membership dues they can vote but cannot hold
offices of THE BMANA until they become full members.
To hold office, paid members need to be in good standing for at least three
C. All other physicians of Bangladeshi origin can be adjunct members and
will not be able to vote.



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