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Commitment to moving forward with vision and strength while remaining faithful to the vision of BMANA
Executive Committee
Riaz Chowdhury, MD
Email: riazchow11@yahoo.com

Mohammad Z Rahman, MD
Email: mziaur@hotmail.com

Past President:
Chowdhury H Ahsan, MD
Email: chahsan92@yahoo.com

Jamal Uddin, MD
Email: mjuddin109@aol.com

Mustaq Siddique, MD
Email: mustaqsid@gmail.com

Scientific & Social Secretary:
Basher M Atiquzzaman, MD
Email: bmatiq@gmaill.com

Young Physician secretary:
Md Yusuf al Mamoon, MD
Email: mamoony@nychhc.org

Belayet Hossain, MD
Email: belayet@aol.com

Tasbirul Islam, MD
Email: tasbirul@msn.com

Hamid Alam (Sohel), MD
Email: alamhamid99@gmail.com


For Online Membership

Bmana Aliance

The BMANA Alliance committee encourages charitable, educational and cultural enrichment and assists in enhancing local and national programs. Membership is open to the spouses of members of BMANA.

Message From Bmana Alliance

Welcome to the 25th Annual Convention of BMANA. I appreciated the opportunity that you gave me for these past two years to serve as the president of BMANA Alliance. As we come to the end of another successful Alliance year, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support in our efforts in building healthy communities. Following is an overview of our 2004-2005 Activities:

1. Donation:
We have raised $1524.00 for the women's shelter and the flood affected people. We have sent the money to Shishu Niloy in Bangladesh. Shishu Niloy is a voluntary organization for distressed children and women. We have made a poster board in your recognition to thank you for this great cause.

2. Membership:
Our membership drive activities was quite a success. We have a good number of members whose names are also recognized on the poster board.

3. Local Community Activities:
Our members have reported that they worked hard for their local communities in helping the immunization clinic, soup kitchen, distributing books to the school, etc.

Our goal is to continue helping local immunization clinics, free clinics, volunteer time in the local soup kitchens, distribute books among the needy and help the women's shelters in our local community and in Bangladesh. Every year we want to send money to women's shelters and the Akber Foundation in Bangladesh.

We are asking everyone to contribute $15.00 in honor of the Language Movement Day, which is on February 21st. And with this we are encouraging you to fast on that day. The money will go towards the schools for the less fortunate children in Bangladesh. Doctors and their families can make a difference. Step forward and donate your time and money to this great cause. We are asking you to join us to make this a strong organization. Be a part of it as an informed and active member. Make our voice strong as a highly organized health care committee.

Coming together is a beginning. Staying together is progress. Working together is success.

Share your ideas and talents with us to develop our focus for the future activities. Please be a member today. Make a check of $20 for a yearly membership, or $100 for a life membership. Checks go out to "BMANA Alliance". I appreciate your support.

Thank You.
Ruqsana Polly Ahmed
President, BMANA Alliance


Bmana - Bangladesh Medical Association of North America Home Page
37th Annual Convention of BMANA, Orlando, Florida:
37th Annual Convention of BMANA, Orlando, Florida BMANA had its 37th Annual Convention in Orlando on July 27-30, 2017 with great success. The convention had highest number of attendance in recent history of the organization. With great enthusiasm members attended and enjoyed a pleasant weekend in Orlando. Continuing medical education highlighted prominent national speakers covering various topics from primary care to many subspecialties. 18th executive committee of BMANA was elected by members through an election. The new executive committee took oath of respective offices on July 29, 2017 to move BMANA dynamically forward with members’ support. Three-day long convention ended with spectacular cultural performance.

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